Day 238 – Sunday 27th April Boston

My last proper day of the trip today and I had decidedly mixed feelings. A part of me was a bit sad and wished I could continue travelling. However a much larger part is longing to go home and back to my family and friends.

I went down to breakfast, just had some tea and talked to almost everyone I had met over the last few days. Ended up chatting about politics to a guy called Dino until lunchtime, he was an extremely well informed guy.

For my last day I just wandered aimlessly, my favourite way of exploring a place. I bought a Swiss Army knife, a bit pointless at the end of my trip really but it did have a bottle opener and corkscrew, essential tools as I have learned!!

When I got back I had a quick nap and then went to the communal area. Pacino had amassed a crowd of girls so of course I joined him! I chatted to them until they went out to a club (didn’t want to go clubbing on my last night), instead I had two bottles of wine to finish so I made a start on them.

Played pool with Yue, Erina and Karina and then we were joined by Mikel and Ray. I shared out my wine and at midnight I was going to go to bed but was persuaded to go out for a bit. We went out to an Irish pub and got drunk with the guys, not a bad way to spend my last night.



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A little blog about some of the places I've gone to eat and loved! Mostly London and Portsmouth based.
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