The Bicycle Diaries (Day 2) – 1st Oct 2014 – Brussels to Ghent

Started off at 1000 and getting out of the city was the hardest part of the day. It was;t too bad though as I had Google Maps (god bless you!) and it would prove very handy that day (and most of the trip!).

The first town I passed was Asse (easy…) and the first thing I saw coming into Asse (easy…!!) was a nightclub/stripbar!


This I found highly amusing! I then passed a succession of small towns and villages before I got to Ghent. This included the brewery of the infamous Delirium Tremens beers, it’s does what is says on the tin!

IMG_7528 IMG_7531

The route I took was pretty easy to navigate as the cycle path was almost continuous adjacent to the main road. Though I did get a bit (lot) lost when there were diversions due to roadworks.

Got into Ghent about 1500 and found my hostel which was actually a barge, very cool!

IMG_7533 IMG_7534

As soon as I got there I cracked out some bread, cheese and meat I had got at an Aldi on the edge of town and made myself 4 sandwiches. I was ultra hungry as I hadn’t had any breakfast (not surprising at £24 a pop at the hotel!!). I then made myself at home in my 8 bed dorm (which I had to myself), had a quick shower and then did an explore.

IMG_5485 IMG_7532

Ghent is a nice city, lots of historical buildings, waterways and plenty of students so had a lively buzz. There was also not too many tourists. Had a good old walk and then went back to have a bit of a chill and read.

IMG_5493 IMG_5500 IMG_5505 IMG_7540

A bit later I went for another walk to see the pretty buildings lit up at night. For dinner I splashed out on some frites with sloveesauce (a Ghent speciality which is basically a meaty sauce/stew) which was €4.50! Nice but it was essentially just chips and gravy!! A funny thing I did see tonight was a young couple proper snogging in a restaurant, the look of the old couple on the table next to them was priceless!

I was back and in bed by 2230 as this cycling lark is tiring. Plus I had no alcohol today, well done me!!


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