The Bicycle Diaries (Day 5) – 4th Oct 2014 – The Hague to Rotterdam

I had planned to go to Amsterdam today but realising I would be arriving at the weekend I couldn’t get any accommodation so I made the decision to go instead to Rotterdam. The old couple I met yesterday had sold it to me and my legs were extremely happy about my decision! It took only just over 2 hours cycling via Delft, a pretty little city, to get to Rotterdam. IMG_7576 I explored and ate lots of Rotterdam street food including broodje haring (freshly filleted herring and bread), mussels, bitterballen (a bit like Spanish croquettes) and some Indonesian saté sticks. IMG_7581 IMG_7591 I went to the new food market (Markthal) that had just opened that week, nice but it was so busy and expensive I left pronto. Architecturally interesting though. IMG_7598 IMG_7580 Rotterdam has some very interesting architecture, most famously the cube houses and the building that looks like a pencil. IMG_7583 IMG_7584 IMG_7595 I bought some beers and had a night in the hostel. Talked to the other guests, we tried to watch How to Train Your Dragon 2, we were streaming over a slow connection so it took forever, I gave up after 50 minutes into the movie. Shame as it had taken us about 4 hours to get that far! It’s alright though, we had beer to entertain us!


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A little blog about some of the places I've gone to eat and loved! Mostly London and Portsmouth based.
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