The Bicycle Diaries (Day 6) – 5th Oct 2014 – Rotterdam

I’m staying in Rotterdam to explore some more, it’s the first time I’ve stayed anywhere this tour more than one night. It’s great to give myself the opportunity to get to more than a glancing look around. I just wandered around and got some food and beer from the Fenix Food Factory, a great space with quality, local vendors. It was well worth the walk there!

IMG_7586 IMG_7589 IMG_7594 IMG_7593

Got back to the hostel and chatting to the people there for a while. About 11ish we went out, first to a park with a trampoline and then to Witte de Withstraat (a street with popular bars and restaurants) for a few drinks. The table next to us gave us their leftover wine, awful but free! On the way home we got some kapsalon, a Rotterdam speciality which is basically chips, kebab meat garlic sauce and salad (just to make it just a bit less artery clogging!).


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A little blog about some of the places I've gone to eat and loved! Mostly London and Portsmouth based.
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