The Bicycle Diaries (Day 10) – 10th October 2014 – Brussels to Shirehampton!

I’m a lottle bit behind writing this (today is the 13 November!) and not much to say really. Got the Eurostar back to London from Brussels, cycling back in London was scary compared to the cycling heaven that was the Netherlands. This was especially highlighted when I tried to find somewhere to lock my bike in Paddington Station while I waited for the train back to Bristol. The girl in the First Class lounge was downright rude and unhelpful when I asked for any information…

So what did I learn from this trip? Belgium and the Netherlands are great! I will definitely be back for more bike tours again. In the future I will try to allow myself at least 2 nights in each place though as I saw none of the Hague and Antwerp due to arriving late and being too tired to venture out. I will also bring my camping stuff in future it my option to wild camp will be available.

Being on the road again has made me want to travel again, the spontaneity of being on the road is something I relish So until next time, adieu!!



About southseaspread

A little blog about some of the places I've gone to eat and loved! Mostly London and Portsmouth based.
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