The Bicycle Diaries (Day 8) – 8th October 2014 – Rotterdam to Antwerp

Today was a hard day!! Rain, wind, thunder and even hailstones!! The rain at times was so strong it was almost as painful as the hailstones as it pelted me as I rode along. Even putting on my helmet made little difference, I eventually gave up a sought shelter behind a parked transit van.

The wind was also really strong, reducing me to a crawl at times so really slowing me down. But I finally got to the hostel at 1830 after 8.5 in the saddle. It was funny arriving back into Belgium as I wasn’t entirely sure when it happened as there were no signs, it just happened! This is one of the great things about being part of Europe with it’s fluid borders, so different to my border experiences in the US, Nepal and the Argentina/Chile border!

The hostel was a bit annoying as I had to pay for 2 nights accommodation but the hostel was really nice (even had a beer vending machine!) and there were very friendly people staying. I chatted to a group of young New Zealanders (I knew they were from NZ as one of them was called ‘Tissa’), a pretty Australian and a French guy. Bought some beers and stayed in as I was tired a it was dark and wet, it was a bit of a shame I didn’t really get to see Antwerp at all…


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A little blog about some of the places I've gone to eat and loved! Mostly London and Portsmouth based.
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